Evacuation Carriers

Prioritize safety with McKinley Elevator’s reliable carrier chair solutions. Manufacturers Evacuation Carriers provide a safe and dependable way to help people evacuate buildings in case of a fire or other emergencies. These carriers are easy for almost anyone to use, allowing you to assist those who can’t get downstairs on their own. When it comes to safe transport in an emergency, McKinley Elevator is here for you. Choose safety, choose McKinley Elevator for peace of mind.

Evacuation Carriers by Garaventa

Designed so that a small attendant can easily move a much larger passenger down the stairs, the Evacu-Trac is easily set up and ready for a passenger to transfer from their wheelchair to the comfortable sling seat. This evacuation chair has durable rubber tracks that firmly grip the stairs and the safety brake can stop the unit on the stairs if necessary. The Evacu-Trac is completely stable and self-supporting on flat surfaces and during descent.